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we just got the highest electricty bill we have ever had (weve lived here 7 1/2 years) ..great timing (for those who dont know.. i just lost my job)

our bills have never been THAT bad.. but this is a considerable jump..

so now were going into use less electricty mode.. we have been so careless lately
hell.. michael sleeps with the freaking TV on. that shit wont be happening now.
I read a tip that says plug all your entertainment stuff (TV, stero, VCR, DVD, sattelite reciever) into a power strip & switch that off when going to bed .. since even when you cut them off on thier own they use electrity

& turning the heat down.. homeboy like's it toasty.. so much so that I wake up sweating sometimes.. he's gonna have to learn to sleep in some PJ's or something

& I told him to put up a clothesline like i asked.. um 5 years ago. its allready getting warm here most days.. it wont take long to dry clothes

& Im buying bulbs with less watts (i have a habit of buying 100 i like it bright)

& I set my puter up to do hybernate mode after 15 mins of inactivity

when we get our tax refund I plan to pay $1000 to our electric bill.. I did it last year in febuary & it was october before we paid another bill & that was only 1/2 of one. but at this rate $1000 would not go near as far.
I might need to put $1200 anyways

but I still need some energy conserving tips
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