mdcstuff (mdcstuff) wrote in mdcmamas,

Day 5

Day 5 of Mod Watch and we have an answer from on high. Cynthia Mosher, head of MDC, says this:

I have no reason to remove her and no plan to do so. If you can point me to some matter here at MDC that has demonstrated her to be partial or biased in any way I will be glad to look at that.

Weeks ago JesiLynne started asking people at MDC to "be her friend" at Myspace. Many MDC Mamas did so in good faith, only to end up being the recipient of her racist joke.

A racist joke that said "I GUESS I'M A RACIST" in the subject line.

An MDC moderator publicly declared herself a racist and now Cynthia can see no reason to remove her as a moderator.

The MDC server will go down today for an "upgrade".  Who knows how long that downtime will last.

Cynthia thinks we're going to forget. Are you going to forget? Are you going to let this stand?

Is it okay with you that a national magazine and international messageboard has a racist on its staff?

Is it okay with you that that person has the ability to censor and ban MDC users?

Enjoy your weekend, but spend some time planning, writing, thinking.

We have a responsibility to fight racism in all the communities we belong to.

Are you ready to fight?

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