Milkilicious Mama (shylye) wrote in mdcmamas,
Milkilicious Mama


Hi, I'm Monica or shyly at MDC. I was wondering if there was going to be a livejournal community since there's a blog ring over at xanga. I'm expecting my first baby next month (!) and I'm hoping for a successful home waterbirth. I can't believe my DH is being so supportive of homebirth, but he's really been there for me since the beginning. DH is in the Army and we're stationed in NC. We're both native Floridians and miss home so so much. Living in the army world is certainly different. It's been a learning experience for me and I don't really get the whole "officer wife" mentality and it's a struggle to find friends here who are like-minded.

I can't wait to have my little baby. I can't believe it will be so soon. I'm planning on child led weaning, but that's just a plan right now. I'm hell bent on BFing for at least 18 months though. I'm also going to CD and I've been practicing slinging my cat in preparation for the baby. I really need to take a couple pictures of that and post in my journal because it's pretty funny looking. The cat is really happy though so I just keep trying out different positions...I never said I wasn't wierd.

Anyways, that's all I can think of now.
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Slinging your cat sounds awesome! LOL! Congratulations on your upcoming arrival, and good luck with everything! :)